Mining pools and distributed transactions

The cryptocurrency has rushed into the world of finance most recently. Last decade of the 20th century. But now it is difficult to find the person who wasn't hearing about her. Many have begun actively to use. It has purchased special popularity in the shadow market, as provides anonymity of recipients and senders of means. But today she actively comes out of the shadow thanks to the universality, reliability and usability. Bitcoin was a pioneer in this field. Today the cryptocurrencies using the distributed transactions and technology of a chain of blocks (blockchain), there are several tens. All of them possess merits and demerits. But also the blockchain technology radically will change the market of financial services. Her not only various FinTech projects have begun actively to use, but also is created the world consortium of the largest banks "R3" for its studying and further use in the financial sphere.

Basis of any cryptocurrency - a mining of blocks. It provides stable, gradually decreasing, a surplus units of currency (complexity generation of each subsequent block increases and the award for the received block decreases). Rapid development of new cryptocurrencies is explained by it. For simplification of production of new blocks miners unite in pools (Mining Pool) with various systems of remunerations for in a treasure in production of cryptocurrency. The working wallets of users provide functioning all to the distributed network of transactions. The user's Wallet with a unique address in case of synchronization with a network receives the list of all transactions from the beginning of its existence. Transactions are united in blocks. Each subsequent block contains a hash sum of previous. From there is a concept a chain of blocks - BlockChain. Thus substitution of any transactions in a network isn't possible. In any case the known cases aren't recorded.

The Selena Bionics has created two own pools for convenience of miners on mining cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin. Two most popular cryptocurrencies for today. For technical reasons they are temporarily closed. The company conducts active researches of a crypto network Ethereum with her most interesting technology of Smart Contract.