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FinTech Company

The young company Selena Bionics specializes in the sphere of safe communications and financial services with support of cryptocurrencies. The company conducts the short history since 2014. For this period we could create strategy of dynamic development and set to ourselves ambitious goals in the world new technologies. Consolidation of the principles of new IT technologies and development of the biological sphere of the planet promotes achievement of objectives. Working under laws of biological development, we will be able harmoniously to develop of IT technology who will improve our life.

Science of the Bionics, boundary between biology and equipment, solving engineering problems on the basis of modeling of structure and activity of organisms. The bionics is closely connected with biology, physics, chemistry, cybernetics, electronics, communication, navigation and etc. Bionics - science about use in equipment of knowledge a design, the principle and technological process of a live organism. The fundamentals of bionics are made by researches on modeling of biological organisms. Bionics models - difficult dynamic structures. The slogan of Bionics - "Live prototypes - a key to new equipment and technologies".

Development of new information technologies demands recomprehension of the financial sphere. Means of accumulation, calculations and payments shall develop with the times in the use of new technologies and taking into account high requirements of the modern world. Speed, privacy, reliability, lack of territorial barriers, high mobility, availability everywhere and always... Here one of the few requirements of the contemporary world. The IT industry has to translated them into reality. New means of calculations and accumulation, such as cryptocurrency, allow to bring closer us to their realization already now. Our company promotes development of cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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