Cryptocurrency Exchange eXion.IO

The Young Ukrainian Exchange eXion.IO has started its work in 2017. This was preceded by a long period of development, which dragged on for a whole year. The whole project was developed by our team from the ground up and during the implementation there were many interesting ideas that we wanted to implement in our solution for cryptomarket. Very well worked on the project, our designers and layout designers. Their merit is that it has turned out so convenient with an attractive and user-friendly interface. And of course our programmers did a great job, they created the project engine and the front-end code. Particular attention should be paid to the development of the trading platform algorithm. We had to consult the leading experts of the stock market. In general, after a long period of development and testing, we are not ashamed to submit our project to the users trial. As a result of the modular approach, the project is easily scalable and integrated with various crypto-currencies. Also, a great deal of work was done on concluding partnership agreements with payment providers to add to the trading floor of the fiat currency. Since the crypto-exchange eXion.IO is oriented primarily to the cryptomarket of Ukraine, the first of the currency currencies has been added the Hryvnia. But we have big development plans and will add other fiat currencies.

When developing the project, we relied on the most modern technologies, which we will follow in the future. Particular attention was paid to security: both the entire trading platform with crypto currency wallets, and user accounts. To do this, on the eXion.IO website, when a user is registered, a strict password complexity check and mandatory two factor authentication (2FA) are included. This is uncomfortable when registering to our customers, but guarantees the safety of their funds. All code of the trading platform has passed security audit in a third-party organization. All architecture and components of the trading platform are designed and meet the requirements of the security standard for payment systems PCI DSS v3.0. - Our users can be calm for their money on the eXion.IO trading platform.

All the software of the trading platform is located on high-performance servers of the banking level of reliability, which are located in the data center with the specification of the level of reliability of TIER III. Fault-tolerant architecture, skilled technical support, working in 24/7 mode, allows us to serve our clients NON-STOP. All planned works related to the update of the trading platform are conducted in the least busy time, are maximally compressed in the time interval and we warn them in advance by e-mail.

Taking into account the experience of developed countries and Ukrainian realities, we perfectly understand that in the near future Ukrainian legislation will reach the market of crypto-currencies. Therefore, we pre-integrated the KYC procedure (know your customer) in the last update of the trading platform, which will allow our users to avoid future problems with Ukrainian and international legislation. In doing so, we responsibly store personal information of users, which they voluntarily provide to us, and do not transfer it to any third parties.