Certificate Authority

Protection of security and personal information the most topical issue in a digital age. High speed of communications and concentration of large volumes of information on small storages simplifies life to intruders. Loss even of insignificant part of the commercial information or unauthorized access to personal data can turn back very painful losses both in financial, and in other spheres. And illegal access can happen not only in storage locations or information processings, but also in communication channels. Especially, if these channels pass on open networks of information transfer, it as the Internet. Therefore it is quite logical to data protection in all points of storage, processing and data transfer. Most it is actual for protection of financial information and payment transactions.

For the solution of a question of data protection of IT the industry has developed a number of approaches and concrete actions to some reliability and complexity in realization and service of decisions. One of such methods is the cryptography: encoding of information in storage locations and data transfers. It is possible to tell that this approach was used since time immemorial when need for data protection has appeared. But only relatively the main defect of this method has been eliminated at information transfer recently, when there were asymmetric keys of enciphering. Use of these keys solves two problems at once: protection of a key of enciphering by transfer to other party and the signature of transaction (message...) the sender for verification of its authenticity. That was achieved through the fact that enciphering and decoding, as well as the signature and verification happen different keys in a certain order which can't be changed. Our heroes come on the scene: private key, which to be stored at the owner and public key, which is transferred to other party. Good article on this subject can be read here.

The Selena Bionics has put into operation own protected Certificate Authority, where you can receive certificates as for personal use: signature of documents, e-mail messages, encrypt messages and information, and for commercial use: protection of communication channels, websites, servers and so on. The request for the certificate happens to the help of user friendly web interface. Certificates are issued for a period of 2 years. Certificates for personal use are free. Certificates for commercial use are at the moment also free. More detailed information can be obtained at our forum.